PPF module for CAMB

by Wenjuan Fang.

The main CAMB code supports smooth dark energy models with constant equation of state and sound speed of one, or a quintessence model based on a potential (code). This modified code generalizes it to support a time-dependent equation of state w(a) that is allowed to cross the phantom divide, i.e. w=-1 multiple times by implementing a Parameterized Post-Friedmann(PPF) prescription for the dark energy perturbations (see references below).

Download here (for CAMB January 2012)
Download here (original, for CAMB September 2008)

The originally released code is based on the CAMB version of September 2008. This release updates it to the current CAMB version of January 2012. NOTE: currently, this updated version is incomplete in including perturbations of massive neutrinos. You may want to use the original version, or check this website at a later date, if you want to use the PPF module to study massive neutrinos. Three files are modified: equations.f90, inidriver.F90, and params.ini. The modified code supports two options to specify w(a).

Then to use the code, you only need to rename the modified files as the original ones, or modify the Makefile to use the alternative f90 files, and all remaining procedures are the same as you do with the original CAMB.

Note, the outputted matter power spectra may have up to 10% difference from direct calculations of scalar field dark energy models when k is approaching 10-4 h/Mpc, but accurate to a level of better than 0.2% once k is smaller than 10-3 h/Mpc.

An updated version (for CAMB Jan 2012) restricted to simplest ppf model for w0/wa is also in the "ppf" branch of the CAMB git repository (available on request to registered CAMB users).

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